Our Story

About Republic of South Africa Cannabis

RSA Cannabis is on a simple mission to cultivate cannabis throughout South Africa and Africa and use this process to empower local communities and change the lives of people living within them.

World-Class Facilities & Products

Medical-grade cannabis oils of the highest international standard and industrial hemp products.

RSA Cannabis is uniquely structured to deliver a large volume of the very best THC and CBD distillates available to the international market. We are currently undertaking a large-scale, state-of-the-art operation that includes onsite cultivation, processing, and packaging facilities, and a testing and research laboratory. Industrial hemp products are manufactured with excess plant materials. The 80-95% pure THC and CBD extractions are transported to the nearby international airport with an armored truck security escort.

THC & CBD Oils

Our cannabis is processed into distillates high in the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Medical-Grade Extractions

All distillates are tested for purity by our pharmacist in our testing laboratory.

Industrial Hemp

Low-THC plant fibres and byproducts are processed into industrial hemp materials.

The RSA Cannabis Group

RSA Cannabis Corporate

The Corporate Division deals primarily with all business matters, including partnerships, investments, exporting to international markets, and oversight of the other divisions.

RSA Cannabis Commercial

Our Commercial Division oversees local wholesaling and retailing of products as well as marketing efforts to the public.

RSA Cannabis Pharmaceutical

RSA Cannabis Pharmaceutical is responsible for testing to ensure medical-grade products and research and development in partnership with the University of the Free State.


Cannability is the heart of RSA Cannabis. It’s the driving factor for all of the hard work that we do. The aim is to empower impoverished communities and change lives.

Unique Qualifications for Success

  • United States Department of Agriculture Stakeholder (Aphis)
  • NPPO (National Plant Protection Organization) with Intellectual Property Rights
  • UPOV PRISMA Administrative Breeder Rights to Develop Own Cultivars
  • Pharmaceutical Group Organization – Global Dispensary
  • Phytosanitary Certificate Issuer with Global Offsets
  • Patent and Trademark Authority
  • WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Dun & Bradstreet Company (US Registered)
  • IRS Registered
  • First Cannabis Company to Receive ISIN – Mainboard from JSE
  • A Global Recognized Organization
  • Crypto and NFT Ready with Binance BlockChain Whitepapers
Republic of South-Africa Cannabis - A Governmental Stake Organization - 2021/002619/07
Indoor Growing
Distillate Purity